Silas Serafim
The other history of Greece
  • Standup-Comedy

Silas Serafim is delivering history lessons and overturning all we thought we knew about Greek history...

As he says: "History is useful, because when you see the past you can predict the future. The only requirement is that you know the true history."

Did you know? The history of Greece begins with the creation of the world? The 1821 revolution was not about liberation from the Turks? The relationship between Polydoras and Zouraris and 1901 and 1903. When the Greek Army replaced boots with tennis shoes?

That Alexis Tsipras hasn’t done anything that hasn’t happened before, repeatedly?

Performed in Greek

Wed 30.5.2018

Theaterbar: 7 pm
Ticketbox / Doors: 7 pm
Show: 8 pm

Bar und Ticketbox CASH only


Mittwoch: 30.05.2018 20:00 Uhr



Albisriederstrasse 16, 8003 Zürich
043 818 64 31
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Telefon 0900 325 325 (1.19/min. ab Festnetz)
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Abendkasse: 1 Stunde vor Vorstellungsbeginn


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