If you want to break up.. raise your hand!
mit Übertiteln in D & E

The Greek Speaking Performing Arts Theatre school in Zurich EPI SKINIS
presents the Play “If you want to break up…raise your hand!”


A social comedy written by Giorgos Kapoutzidis and directed by Vivetta Lainioti, is the second production of the Greek-speaking Theater School EPI SKINIS, presented this March at the COMEDY HAUS Theater in Zurich!


The first play by Giorgos Kapoutzidis, which received rave reviews and won the love of the world from the very first performance that took place in Greece, is coming to Zurich for the first time, by Epi Skinis Theatre Company!


The story…

An unacknowledged love that lasts twenty years. A marriage torn apart by infidelity. And another one that is postponed indefinitely, but no one dares to tell the groom. An ex, a present, countless online dates and a house that as time passes... floods. Literally. And before they sink for good, they should tell the truth. Everyone to everyone.

About our play…

Kiki's marriage suddenly falls apart when she discovers that her husband has been cheating on her continuously. Natasha's wedding, planned for the next day, is postponed due to doubt. An ex-lover shows up, an unconfessed twenty-year love is revealed, romantic messages are sent over the Internet... and a house floods. A group of people in their 30s are faced with the complexities and pitfalls of relationships, the fear of commitment, the hopes and frustrations of life, all at a transitional age when the need for love collides with the need for commitment and security . 


A hilarious comedy about human relationships, which, however difficult they may be, the author manages to highlight them through their comedic dimension.


The rest of our story…on Stage!!! 


ACTORS: Christos Argyris, Konstantinos Verigos, Vivetta Lainioti, Thania Belba, Zafeiris Pantelis, Eleni Rodopoulou, Aggelos Tsitsas and Sylvia Psycha- Senn


Cast & Creatives:

TEXT: Giorgos Kapoutzidis

DIRECTOR: Vivetta Lainiotis

GERMAN TRANSLATION: Yannis Kalifatidis


STAGE DESIGN: Stelios Kotidis

COSTUMES: Team Epi Skinis

LIGHTS DESIGN: Ioannis Theodorakopoulos- Panagiotis Rodopoulos

SOUND: Spiros Koufos

MUSIC EDITOR: Vivetta Lainioti


PHOTOS: Eleni Rodopoulou

POSTER DESIGN: Dora Kyriakou




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18-24-25 MARCH AT 20.00 

19.03.23 AT 16.00 & 19.00 

26 MARCH AT 18.00 UHR



18-24-25 MARCH AT 20.00 

19.03.23 AT 16.00 & 19.00 

26 MARCH AT 18.00 UHR


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Samstag: 18.03.2023 20:00 Uhr



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