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**Limited Tickets due to federal measures. Seat assignment and safety protocol will be communicated on the day of the show**

In June, English Stand-Up invites the original comedians of the Zurich independent comedy scene:

  • Benjamin Delahaye
  • Chris Darwa
  • Jack Roberts
  • Ahmet Bilge

Before 2016, English comedy in Zurich lived under dark forces, until a brave alliance of underground freedom comedians challenged the tyranny and oppression by organizing their first open mic. The stage: a plank resting on beer crates. Four years later, English comedy has boomed in Switzerland.

Join us for a hilarious night as those four comedians do crowdwork and perform stand up comedy.

Benjamin Delahaye is a comedian based in Zurich. Juggling with marriage, two children, comedy gigs, a full-time job and heavy partying, Ben still believes he can have it all. His comedy will make you realize that all the stereotypes you hold about French people are not only true but also worse than you thought. He has performed all over Switzerland, in his home country France, in Los Angeles at the Comedy Store, in Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Amsterdam, the UK & Australia. He also published a children's book on Kindle under the pen name "Isaac Cocci"

Chris Darwa: Cutting his teeth on the open mic circuit of London in 2013, Chris Darwa has since performed stand up across Europe, America and Australia. Chris will let his opinions be known on dating, relationships & his daughter while bring crowds to tears with laughter. He was a speaker at TEDx Basel in 2016. He works as a professional actor, comedian and writer, based in Zurich.

Ahmet Bilge is a Turkish comedian living in Switzerland. Despite being a "chubby young starving artist" in one of the world's most affluent countries, Ahmet's energetic outlook on life, witty jokes, and embarrassing anecdotes are honest, silly, and highly relatable. Ahmet is quickly rising to be one of the top players in Switzerland, as well was branching out to bring the laughter on his solo tours in multiple countries! Come join the fun and hear the tales of this young Turkish comedian struggling to find his way in the heart of Europe!

Jack came to Zurich to be a hausmann supporting his wife whilst she went to work, making him a progressive, energetic super-dad and hero of a man. He turned out to be none of those things, and to numb the pain Jack turned to stand-up comedy, choosing to subject himself to the ridicule of strangers just to get out of putting the kids to bed. Three years later this strategy still seems to be working. Whilst Jack considers himself a fine comedian, he was recently voted "least funny person in the world" by his own daughter.

Thu 25 June 2020

Theaterbar: 7.00 pm
Ticketbox: 7.15 pm
Doors: 7.30 pm
Show: 8.00 pm
End: 10.15 pm

Ticketprices at presale: 30.- / 20.- (Legi)
Legi must be shown.


Donnerstag: 25.06.2020 20:00 Uhr



Albisriederstrasse 16, 8003 Zürich
043 818 64 31 (nur bei Theaterbetrieb)

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