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Benjamin Delahaye presents 6 comedians

An unmissable night of English stand-up from Switzerland's most exciting expat and local comedy talents.

Benjamin Delahaye - Benjamin was born in France. While not cutting heads off royalties or inventing a vaccine against rabies, he performs comedy around the world and writes children books on Kindle.

Chris Darwa - Cutting his teeth on the open mic circuit of London in 2013, Chris Darwa has since performed stand up across Europe, America and Australia and was a speaker at TEDx Basel in 2016. He works as a professional actor, comedian and writer, based in Zurich.

Adrian Tauss is a Swiss-born comedian, actor and comedy show host. He has been seen on ‘Comic Relief’ and cut out of ‘The Night Manager’. “You’ve been doing this for a while, haven’t you?’ - Stephen K Amo

Jane Mumford - born and raised in Switzerland under the heavy influence of british TV, cartoonist and comedian Jane Mumford's main goal in life is to find practical solutions to complex issues such as voting, dating, and how to make your own sushi.

Ahmet Bilge Cetinkaya - Ahmet Bilge is a mess. He grew up in the US, matured in Turkey  & now he's slowly decomposing in Switzerland. His outlook on life, witty jokes and embarrassing personal anecdotes is honest, silly & relatable. Rising to be one of the top players in Zurich, he is branching out to the European comedy scene.

Nico Arn is a comedian, hailing from the very east of Switzerland, where English or indeed civilized German are rarely spoken. Already established in the Swiss comedy-scene, he started to perform in English, hoping to maybe find some success that way.

Martina Hügi is a Swiss through and through: not really athletic, but musically untalented. She’s a special needs teacher, but still enjoys life. Not necessarily hers. But the life of others.

Fr 4.5.2018

Theaterbar: 7 pm
Doors: 7 pm
Show: 8 pm

Carte Blanche / Legi must be shown.

Bar: CASH only


Freitag: 04.05.2018 20:00 Uhr




Albisriederstrasse 16, 8003 Zürich
043 818 64 31
(nur bei Theaterbetrieb)

Vorverkauf / Tickets

www.starticket.ch / Coop City - Manor - Post
Telefon 0900 325 325 (1.19/min. ab Festnetz)
Abendkasse: 1 Stunde vor Vorstellungsbeginn

Abendkasse: 1 Stunde vor Vorstellungsbeginn


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