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Valentine's Day will hopefully be a distant memory on February 27th when English Stand Up returns with headliner Snjólaug Lúðvíksdóttir!

One of Iceland’s best stand-up comedians, Snjólaug Lúðvíksdóttir started her career in London where she went on to win prestigious stand-up competitions across the UK. She quickly gained recognition for her shameless oversharing and surreal observations. She is now based in Reykjavík where she entertains her fellow countrymen in comedy clubs, at corporate events and on television for the last 6 years. She also travels around Europe to play at various comedy clubs, mainly in London.

Hosted by: Benjamin Delahaye. Benjamin is a comedian based in Zurich. Juggling with marriage, two children, comedy gigs, a full-time job and heavy partying, Ben still believes he can have it all. His comedy will make you realize that all the stereotypes you hold about French people are not only true but also worse than you thought. He has performed all over Switzerland, in his home country France, in Los Angeles at the Comedy Store, in Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Amsterdam, the UK & Australia. He also published a children's book on Kindle under the pen name "Isaac Cocci"

Also featuring:

Magda Mihaila has been doing stand up in her home country, Romania, until she thought more people need to see the world in the same twisted way as her. Now she does stand up each time she travels to a new place just to see if "hahaha" sounds the same in every language.

Christian Braeker grew up on a farm in Bern. That did not stop him from venturing ALL the way to Zurich where he is cutting his teeth in the local comedy circuit. Starting off as a comedy fan himself, he is trying to prove that Swiss people can be funny! In English! With an accent!

Rest of the line up to be announced!

Thu 27 February 2020

Theaterbar: 7.00 pm
Ticketbox: 7.15 pm
Doors: 7.30 pm
Show: 8.00 pm
End: 10.15 pm

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Donnerstag: 27.02.2020 20:00 Uhr



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